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A Working Mom Empowering Women Like Myself to Overcome Overwhelm, and Eliminate Mom Guilt.

I help new moms maximize their maternity leave so they can transition into motherhood without sacrificing their career goals.

Meet Daina the Doula

The return-to-work specialist 

I’m Daina Tate, a successful, driven, and fabulous career woman who happens to be a doting mother of one. I’m also a trained birth doula and passionate advocate for all moms. 


I spent over a decade working in the fast-paced and demanding industry of advertising and marketing. I’ve had the pleasure of working for some of the most well-known and recognizable brands in the world as a creative project manager. I’ve also had the honor to work as a consultant on projects with a few notable celebrities and high-profile dignitaries. Many of my work weeks have been a lot longer than 40 hours, but my professional experiences and opportunities have all been well worth it.

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What I Specialize In

Birth Plan Support

Maternity Leave Strategy Plan

Postpartum Recovery

Return-to-Work Preparation

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