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12 Weeks to maximized maternity leave program

Are you expecting a baby and want to make the most of your maternity leave?

My 12-week program is designed to help you maximize your time off and make a smooth transition back to work. With personalized support and resources, you can focus on bonding with your new bundle of joy while feeling confident about your return to work. Contact me today to learn more about the  program.

Don't Wait! Secure Your Peace of Mind Now!  

I help working moms maximize their maternity leave

with 3 simple steps:




Client Testimonial:

"I am a first-time mom to a sweet and energetic baby girl. My pregnancy was smooth sailing but my postpartum journey has been a bit of a challenge for me. I went back to work after 4 months and thought that I had a handle on life as a new mom, wife and worker but I soon discovered that I did not. I felt very overwhelmed and lost and didn’t want to burden any of my close friends or family because everyone has things going on. Thankfully I started working with Daina and that feeling of being overwhelmed doesn’t seem like a hole I can’t dig myself out of. I felt very seen by Daina and it made me feel not so alone since she is a first time mom herself, working full time. Her advice on setting healthy boundaries at work or ways to ask for help from those around made a significant difference in my postpartum journey. I still feel overwhelmed at times but I feel like if I can’t use some of the advice or tools she gave me to get through a situation, she’s just a phone call away."
-Zeni R


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